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One of the primary objectives of Great Ideas For Teaching Multivariate Statistics is to act as a clearinghouse for materials from educators devoted to improving the education of multivariate statistics.  The principal source of these materials will be contributions from educators as they share with others.  While we will also being collecting teaching material directly related to Multivariate Data Analysis 6/E, we also hope to act as a clearinghouse for other class-related material through this website as well.


If you wish to contribute any materials related to Great Ideas For Teaching Multivariate Statistics, please contact us and we will make arrangements for the material to be listed on this website


Continually check back as material will be posted as soon as it becomes available.  You may wish to join MVSTAT-L, our mailing list, where additions to the website will also be announced.

Drop us an e-mail if you have a comment, suggestion
or online resource you would like to share.


Multivariate Data Analysis  6/E
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